5 Reasons to study at B.H.M.S.

There is a plethora of reasons why B.H.M.S. is one of the best hospitality and business schools. B.H.M.S., Business and Hotel Management School, is located in Switzerland and it is the top hospitality and business management school in the city of Lucerne where hundreds of students choose to complete their studies every year and pursue an international career!

If you wonder why all these students choose B.H.M.S. to study at, below you can find 5 main reasons why B.H.M.S. could be the best choice for your studies as well!

1. Experience the Swiss education system

Switzerland is one of the most competitive countries in the world and recognized internationally as a center of excellence in education with a high reputation of its universities and teachers. Our students are happy to experience the Swiss education system which provides them with all the fundamental skills important for a bright future international career.

2. Join a multicultural environment and a global network

Studying in an international multicultural environment is the key to develop the essential characteristics to build tomorrow’s global citizens and leaders, such as speak at least one foreign language, develop empathy, and the appreciation of cultural diversity. After graduation you will be part of a global network, gain new connections and learn how to communicate in a professional environment. Networking can help you acquire references and find new job opportunities.

3. Learn from Professionals and become a Hospitality Leader

Being able to be taught from professionals is very important as they bring along with their certificates, qualifications and skills, valuable experiences which they gained during the years in the real professional world. The B.H.M.S. faculty teaching staff are aware of the impact of cultural differences on learning, and along with their experience, they have passion for disseminating valuable knowledge to their students and help each individual become a hospitality leader.

4. Practice your skills in the real world and get paid for this

Every course at B.H.M.S. provides an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge and working experience during the study period. Internships are the key for building experience as a student while giving you the opportunity to achieve your own learning goals and receive a monthly gross salary of minimum 2,179 Swiss francs plus bonus. At B.H.M.S. you will be able to find many paid internship opportunities combined with studies, offered only to our students, which will help you set the foundation for your career.

5. Pursue a Global Career with endless possibilities

The studies at B.H.M.S. open doors to opportunities and provide a life-changing experience while amazing career possibilities await you as we guarantee 100% job offers upon graduation through Masterwork, a company owned by B.H.M.S. that provides global career and placement opportunities for B.H.M.S. graduates. B.H.M.S. also works with numerous international placement agencies that specialize in placing our graduates.

5 Reasons to study at B.H.M.S. Lucerne, Switzerland