B.H.M.S. 2019 Culinary Cup Competition

Winning a competition is not about the prize. It’s the journey, the people you meet and the struggles you will need to face until the moment you will listen the judge calling your name as the winner.

The last years at the B.H.M.S. Culinary Academy we’ve established the Culinary Cup Competition. Most of our 3rd year’s BA Culinary students take part for the very first time in a culinary competition.

Participating in live competitions prepare the students to handle the pressure associated with such events. During this competition we create a supportive environment, as the students knew the kitchen, their competitors, and the judges. 

Performing at competition level challenges the students to put their knowledge and understanding of food to the test and push their ability to experiment at all levels, especially in the pairing of food in a creative way.

Our Executive Chef and Culinary Academy Program Leader, Shaun Leonard, was very impressed with not only with the winner but also from the performance of all the students who competed…

    B.H.M.S. 2019 Culinary Cup CompetitionB.H.M.S. 2019 Culinary Cup CompetitionB.H.M.S. 2019 Culinary Cup CompetitionB.H.M.S. 2019 Culinary Cup CompetitionB.H.M.S. 2019 Culinary Cup CompetitionB.H.M.S. 2019 Culinary Cup Competition

    The prize is a bag of chef’s goodies including, a marvelously Japanese style Santoku knife, a certificate to commemorate the momentous occasion and of course his name on the converted trophy which is proudly displayed in the reception of B.H.M.S. City Campus in Lucerne Switzerland. Last but not least, the winner will represent B.H.M.S. and Switzerland at the 2020 Young Culinary Olympiad in India!

    We would like to congratulate our 3rd year BA student chef Sai Batta from India for winning this year’s B.H.M.S. Culinary Academy Cup Award!

    B.H.M.S.Lucerne 2019 Culinary Competition    B.H.M.S. Switzerland Culinary Competition 2019    B.H.M.S. Culinary Competition 2019 - Lucerne

    Sai has been a student at B.H.M.S. for 3 culinary years. He has proven himself, starting as a kitchen novice during the first year of studies, and finishing as a kitchen professional the third year of studies.

    Well done to all the participants for their great job, professionalism and for maintaining their passion for cooking!

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