25.01.2024 - Campus Life

Discovering the Secret to Sustainable Happiness

In September, a group of B.H.M.S. students taking the M.Sc. Degree in Global Business Management had the opportunity to travel to Porvoo Finland, officially the world’s happiest country, to participate in the journey of self-discovery and innovation that was COEUR Business Creativity Workshop. This year’s theme was “Tourism Happiness” and, as our students discovered, the Finnish secret to happiness is grounded in sustainable living.

COEUR Business Creativity Workshop - B.H.M.S. Students

One student, Melina, shares her experience at the workshop and explores how it deepened her understanding of how living sustainably can contribute to happiness.

“From the moment I landed in Finland, a country known for the happiness of its people, I was on a mission to develop innovative ideas for sustainable tourism in Porvoo. The COEUR workshop provided me with the tools I needed to reach this goal - every day, I had the opportunity to attend fascinating lectures given by remarkable speakers and take courses on sustainability, entrepreneurship, and tourism.

“In addition to the lectures, I immersed myself in a whole new culture and enjoyed all the benefits that come from such a cultural exchange. From Finnish tradition to gastronomy, I also was able to connect with entrepreneurs who shared their experience of implementing sustainable practices in their businesses.

“This experience was more than just an educational event. It was a transformative adventure, full of discoveries and inspiring moments.”

“My time in Finland certainly had an impact on my understanding of how sustainability and happiness are linked. Before the workshop, I already believed that living a sustainable life by consuming responsibly and implementing environmental stewardship can lead to an increase in happiness. It seemed logical to me that living in harmony with nature and minimising one’s ecological footprint would provide a sense of purpose and fulfilment.

B.H.M.S. Students in Finnland at the COEUR Business Workshop

“Although I already held these convictions, the workshop enriched my views by shedding light on the multi-faceted connections between sustainability and happiness, and demonstrating how these connections vary between different civilisations and people groups. Finding pleasure within a sustainable framework ultimately emphasises personal satisfaction while also accounting for the environmental, social, and economic aspects of sustainability.

“This experience was more than just an educational event. It was a transformative adventure, full of discoveries and inspiring moments.”

The M.Sc. in Global Business Management offers an understanding of economic and human management in today's global and fast-moving environment. COEUR Business Creativity Workshop is just one example of the opportunities our students get to participate in as they acquire the skills and discipline required for positions as managers in the service sector or a wide spectrum of other disciplines. Curious to know more? Read all about our M.Sc.