Experience makes the difference

International internships are beneficial for students studying business and hospitality due to the employability skills and knowledge that can be gained. Working in a foreign environment offers first-hand experience of interacting with different cultures and customers, as well as learning how to solve problems within an international setting. Internships abroad provide opportunities to explore different career paths and build valuable networks while gaining real life experience.

The employability skills acquired from international internships can make B.H.M.S. graduates stand out amongst their peers when entering the employment market. Interns have been shown to develop skills such as leadership, problem solving, time management and communication skills more quickly than those without any work experience at all. Having these employability skills makes them more attractive to employers, increasing the chance of employment.

International internships also offer the chance to gain knowledge of different cultures and working practices, while developing language skills. This type of knowledge is highly attractive to employers, both in the hospitality and business industries. As a result, international internships provide an opportunity for our students to gain valuable experience which will be beneficial for their future employability prospects.

Overall, international internships offer many advantages for our students studying business or hospitality. The employability skills acquired from this type of experience are invaluable for graduates looking for employment in these industries. Experience gained from working abroad gives BHMS students an edge over other job applicants and can make them stand out from the crowd when it comes to employability.  As such, undertaking an international internship is essential for our students if they are to be successful in their future career paths.

Through various successful cooperation of B.H.M.S. with well-known brands and partners, our students have the opportunity to complete great internships in excellent companies worldwide and in the USA as well. This not only gives them a unique experience but also a valuable competitive advantage in the international job market.

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