My Study Journey at B.H.M.S. and in the World!

Mr. Stergios Migkas from Greece has a dream to pursue a career in the Hospitality Industry. He decided to study Hospitality management at B.H.M.S. in Switzerland and discover the breadth of career paths the industry offers.

Stergios currently studies for the 3rd year of the Bachelor in Hospitality Management.
While we had interviewed him, he shared his experience from his latest internship at the exotic Caribbean island of St. Lucia and the Sandals Regency La Toc Resort.

1.  In which departments of the hotel did you work as a trainee?
During the 6-month internship period I had the opportunity to work 2 months in Sales, 2 months in the F&B department which included the restaurant and bar area, and the last 2 months I worked in the Front Desk, while the last 15 days I did an intensive cross-training to all the other departments of the hotel.

2. What were your daily tasks included?
The first 2 months of my internship I worked in the Sales department. I was responsible to create the guests’ arrival lists with guests’ expectations and distribute them to specific departments in order to prepare the details for the rooms.
The next 2 months I worked at the F&B department. I was an F&B assistant responsible to check the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) of the department, observe if everything was running well and I also worked as a bartender, something that I enjoyed a lot as it was involved a lot of preparation and creativity from my side. My last 2 months as a trainee at the Sandals Regency La Toc in St. Lucia, I worked as a Front Desk receptionist and I was responsible for the guest and group greeting and orientation, answering phone calls, check-in / check-out procedure and more.

Internship Stergios Migkas - B.H.M.S. Student

3.   How many hours did you have to work during this internship?
During my internship, I was working 7 hours per day and had an extra hour for my lunch break. Also, all the trainees were working 5 days per week and we had 2 days per week free to enjoy ourselves.

4.  How was the accommodation during your 6-month internship?
The hotel provided accommodation to its trainees. There were single rooms and double rooms available for us, and I had a single room for myself which I could enjoy my privacy and rest during the non-working hours.
Also, the hotel provided one meal per day to its employees at the hotel’s restaurant, and we had the opportunity to prepare our own meals in our accommodation if we wanted to do so.

5.  What did you learn during this internship?
St. Lucia's culture is unique as it has evolved from the intermingling of the many different groups of people who have participated in its history. This makes it an interesting place to visit but when it comes to working in this island, then you need to keep in mind that you will need to show a lot of patience, as you will deal with people who come from different cultures and backgrounds than yours.
That was a great lesson for me and I am happy I managed to practice patience, been result-oriented and showed much empathy towards others. Furthermore, I was able to identify any problem that could arise at work and find different solutions effectively in order to avoid mistakes.

My study at B.H.M.S. in Lucerne    My Bachelor in Hospitality Management study at B.H.M.S. in Lucerne    My Hospitatality Management study at B.H.M.S. in Lucerne

6.  Did you explore St. Lucia and how did you spend your free time?
The hotel organized a tour for the new employees and we explored the island and the touristic spots. Also, we were being informed about the history of St. Lucia and how the island became independent and got to know the most famous landmarks like the mountains Pitons and the highest Mount Gimie at 950 meters (3,120 feet) above sea level. During my free time I enjoyed doing water-sports with my colleagues and new friends, I visited the amazing sandy beaches, had fun in parties and enjoyed the nightlife of the island.

7. What do you consider as your biggest achievement during this internship?
During my internship in St. Lucia, I worked very closely with the F&B manager who showed to me what a manager does, how the whole hotel runs and how to work with determination.
I consider this internship opportunity I was given as a life-changing experience since having the chance to work even as a trainee at a tropical paradise like St. Lucia, provided me a unique experience which will help me in my future career.

My study at B.H.M.S. in Lucerne    My Bachelor in Hospitality Management study at B.H.M.S. in Lucerne    My Hospitatality Management study at B.H.M.S. in Lucerne                
8. How was your overall experience at Sandals Regency La Toc in St. Lucia?
My internship at the Sandals Regency La Toc was a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me. Working at a tropical paradise with people from a different cultural background, gave me confidence and I found myself embedded in a fun, fascinating, and rewarding setting from where I will be able to add valuable experience in my global career.
My motto will always be: ‘Never lose your motivation whatever happens’.

We would like to congratulate Mr. Stergios Migkas for completing successfully his second internship and we wish him every success in his future endeavors!!

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