Students from Prepatec Mexico joined B.H.M.S. for a 2-week Summer Program

The Summer Program at B.H.M.S. is an opportunity to provide an introduction to hospitality and business management studies and allow students to develop an insight into higher education and career opportunities in these fields. Besides, it’s a great experience for the students to feel what the life in Switzerland is like.

This month, we have received at B.H.M.S. a group of Mexican students from the Prepatec,  a group of high schools located in Mexico. During the two-week program, they took part in diverse lectures and workshops in Business & Hospitality Management, specially developed for them. Excursions and fun activities were also included, after all this is a Summer Program and the students should enjoy the sunny and warm days by exploring the country as well.

The theoretical part of the program consisted of lectures in Technology in Business, Hospitality & Tourism Trends, Events Planning and Operations, Managing F&B Operations, Business Ethics & Sustainability as well as Creativity in Business. The students have also visited the 4-star Hotel Astoria in Lucerne where they were given a tour through its different departments in order to get familiar with the daily operations of a hotel.

The fun part of the Summer Program included different excursions such as a day trip to Zurich, the financial center of Switzerland, a boat trip in the Lake Lucerne, a tour to the Pilatus Mountain, the mountain symbol of Lucerne, and a visit to a chocolate factory.

Every year, we offer this opportunity to groups of students who interested in learning more about the Hospitality Industry and the Swiss Concept of studies embodied within all the study programs at B.H.M.S.!

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