14.03.2018 - Success Stories

Success Story from the B.H.M.S. Alumnus Tawatchai Ubonsaii

Since graduating from B.H.M.S. in 2016, Chef Tawatchai Ubonsaii from Thailand was very busy as he worked at Sheraton Hotel, Grand Hyatt Hotel and now at the Marriott Bangkok Hotel as a sous chef.  He participated in a commercial, currently represents the Marriott Hotel in events around India, and newspapers as well as magazines dedicate articles on him. 

Tawatchai Ubonsaii said “…I have used everything I have learnt from class at B.H.M.S., and combined with my practical culinary experience I am building a successful career…”

Success Story from the B.H.M.S. Alumnus Tawatchai Ubonsaii    Tawatchai Ubonsaii Alumni of B.H.M.S. Lucerne    Marriott Bangkok Hotel as a sous chef - Tawatchai Ubonsaii Student of B.H.M.S.

A chemist who turned a food enthusiast and later a trained chef, Tony’s tryst with hotels began with Zurich, where he went to hone his culinary skills. “Thai food was famous in Switzerland, but it was not authentic. The ingredients make all the difference,” he said.

After having worked in Australia and Switzerland, now he is back to the food paradise called Thailand –Bangkok!

At the helm of the Thai food festival at Zega, Chef Tawatchai Ubonsai, or more popularly known as Khun Tony, had the goal to bring the ‘Bangkok style cooking’ in the Bangkok Street Food Festival and as he was presenting one dish after the other, he discussed the reasons that make street food of Bangkok so sought after.

The trick, he said, is in using local ingredients and pack each dish with a burst of flavors and still remain very simple. For certain dishes he used locally found ingredients instead of importing everything from Bangkok.

"Use of local ingredients makes customizing dishes easier. As chefs, it should be our lookout to make the most of what is available,” said Chef Tawatchai.

Well done Tawatchai! Keep your eyes on this young talent, there is much more to expect from him...!

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