25.11.2019 - Success Stories

The life of a young General Manager

"I have been working as a General-Manager at the Golden Palace Boutique Hotel for the last 3 years.  I was hired during the construction phase to overlook and finalize constructions, arrange negotiations with international construction and furnishing material suppliers (from China, Russia, Italy, Belarus) and to manage the entire hotel operation. The hotel is designed as a boutique hotel with 36 rooms, two outlets, two meeting rooms, a Spa center , a GYM, and a beauty salon.  The hotel’s official opening was honored by the visit of the President of Armenia and the Major of Yerevan.  Part of my responsibilities were to hire and to train the senior managers for the hotel; Front Office, House Keeping, Food & Beverage, Sales & Marketing, Financial and Engineering Managers in addition to the service team. In total more than 50 employees work under my supervision. Since the beginning, I implement Standards Operation Procedure for each department for a five-star hotel standards. Studying hard and working harder generates great results: The Golden Palace Boutique hotel has a high occupancy rate and a great reputation."

Arevik Atabekyan, 2017 PGD Alumna

The life of a young General Manager - B.H.M.S. Student

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